• Our supporters

    • * NWT Arts Council
    • * Yellowknife Community Foundation
    • * Canadian North
    • * Yellowknife Direct Charge Coop
    • * City of Yellowknife
    • * YK Dairies
    • * Yellowknife Home Hardware
    • * Creative Basics
    • * Genesis Group
    • * Coast Fraser Tower
    • * Emco Frontier Mining
    • * BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc
    • * St. Patrick High School
    • * Diavik Diamond Mines Inc
    • * Dave Pritchard
    • As well, everyone who volunteers, teaches, buys a raffle ticket, loads a kiln, purchases an item at our sales, mops the floor or takes a class contributes to building our Guild community. Thank you!

COMING UP: Fall Class Registration at the Guild

Registration night at the YK Guild of Arts and Crafts will be held on Thursday September 10th at 7 p.m. The Guild is located at 113 Kam Lake Road. Check to “classes” page for details on available courses and workshops from September through to December 2015. First come, first served – this not to be missed!

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