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Upcoming Handbuilding Pottery Workshop

Two Day Workshop with Visiting Artist Sarah Pike will be offered on April 2nd and 3rd 2016. The workshop is focused on Slab-Building with Texture

Sarah Pike is a full time studio potter making slab-built, functional pots in Fernie, BC.  Her work can be found in galleries in Canada and the USA and was recently featured on the cover of Pottery Making Illustrated.  She is also a member of the Canadian clay collective, Make and Do. She loves to travel and teach her pottery techniques along the way…check out her work on her website (www.sarahpikepottery.com) or instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/sarahpikepottery/)

sarak pike.png

Description of Workshop:

Day 1: We will begin the workshop by exploring how to roll out the ideal and most efficient slab.  Workshop participants will explore texture with a variety of tools and techniques including making our own texture tools such as texture rollers and stamps.  We will take our textured slabs and shape them into simple forms such as cups and plates.


Day2: I will demonstrate how to stretch the simple cylinder into a variety of shapes such as squares and triangles and look at how to use these different shapes to make forms like butter dishes, creamers, mugs, and small jars.  We will make paper templates for a variety of slab components such as lids and spouts.  Students will make a variety of forms and will leave the workshop with tools and techniques to make great slab built pottery.


Cost of this workshop is $200, plus cost of clay and membership

Space is limited so contact Rachel at 445.1214 or coffeefreak57@hotmail.com to reserve you spot.