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    • * NWT Arts Council
    • * Yellowknife Community Foundation
    • * City of Yellowknife
    • * YK Dairies
    • * Yellowknife Home Hardware
    • * Creative Basics
    • * Emco Frontier Mining
    • * St. Patrick High School
    • As well, everyone who volunteers, teaches, buys a raffle ticket, loads a kiln, purchases an item at our sales, mops the floor or takes a class contributes to building our Guild community. Thank you!
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Our new home at 113 Kam Lake Road is our first independent home in our 60+ year history. We now have two floors to practice our skills.

The clay floor (1st floor) has a large array of equipment for members:

  • 9 wheels
  • slab roller
  • pug mill
  • “works-in-progress” shelving
  • ventilated kiln room with three 7-cu ft electric kilns, regular firing temperature cone 6
  • glaze making room with exhaust fan
  • extruder
  • a large variety of glazes
  • recycled and boxed Plainsman clay available for purchase

The second floor houses our library, office and the mixed media space. Some of the equipment available for use for members includes:


  • five 15″, 4-shaft table looms
  • one 24″, 8-shaft floor loom
  • one 36″, 4-shaft floor loom
  • two warping mills
  • two inkle looms
  • shuttles, bobbins, swift, ball winder, bobbin winder


  • rollers
  • plastic
  • bamboo blinds and bubble wrap
  • wool available for purchase
  • drum carder and hand cards


  • hot plates
  • dyepots
  • slow cookers
  • microwaves
  • a supply of dyes, mordants and assists


  • brushes
  • stretchers
  • tjantings
  • waxes, material and dyes

Stained Glass

  • grinders
  • soldering equipment
  • glass


  • lots of space
  • bathtub
  • extra tubs for soaking, sorting
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